Retail 2023: The Playbook for Winners, SMB Retail Edition

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Hey there, future titans of retail. Business isn’t about money; it’s about gamesmanship. The retail game is changing, and it’s changing fast. Let’s dive into the moves that’ll make you stand out in 2023.

1. Multi-Channel Sales: More Avenues, More Money

  • Here’s the Play: Customers aren’t just walking wallets; they’re on a journey. And not just any journey – they want a 5-star, all-access pass that gives them both the digital and the real deal.
  • Your Winning Move:
    • Think younger, act wiser: Engage those Gen Z folks with things like live shopping – they eat that up.
    • Boost that social score: Put someone on digital duty 24/7. The online world doesn’t sleep, and neither should your brand.
    • Easy come, easy go: Cash or card is so 2020. Expand those payment options and keep the checkout smoother than a Shark Tank pitch.

2. Experience Over Everything

  • Here’s the Play: Your store shouldn’t just be a store; it should be the hottest ticket in town. If your customer is walking in, make sure they walk out as fans, not just buyers.
  • Your Winning Move:
    • Windows aren’t just glass: Slap a QR code there. Let folks shop even when the lights are off.
    • Go live, or go home: Stream your newest arrivals, chat with customers, give them the digital red carpet.
    • Events aren’t extras; they’re essentials: Throw in some in-house gigs and watch your community grow.

3. Automation Isn’t Lazy; It’s Smart

  • Here’s the Play: The goal isn’t to work hard; it’s to work smart. Automation isn’t about replacing your team; it’s about giving them the right tools.
  • Your Winning Move:
    • Keep everything on track: Integrate sales data. Make sure you know what’s selling, where, and why, in real-time.
    • Automate the mundane: Cut out the admin busywork. Let your team focus on the big stuff, like strategy and customer relationships.
    • Loyalty’s a two-way street: Reward your regulars, but also use that data. Understand them, and you’ll know exactly how to reel them in.

There you have it! 2023’s all set to be a wild ride. Stay sharp, stay ahead, and remember, in the world of retail, the game’s always on.

Brock Murray

Brock Murray is the Co-Founder and COO of seoplus+, a leading digital marketing agency. In his spare time he writes for publications such as Search Engine Journal, SMB Retail and Forbes.

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