MOSH: Maria Shriver & Patrick Schwarzenegger’s Brainchild Goes Big!

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If you’ve got an entrepreneur’s pulse, then this is one heck of a story you need to know.

MOSH, a brain health brand cooked up by Maria Shriver and her son, Patrick Schwarzenegger, just landed a cool $3 million in their Series A. They’re eyeing a bigger piece of the retail pie. And who’s backing them? Big names from MSA Advisors, LLC, Joyance Ventures, and a couple of other savvy investors.

A quick rewind: MOSH burst onto the scene back in 2021. What’s the deal? Protein bars. But not your average ones. These were shaped with the help of brain health specialists. The inspiration? An ambitious target: the brain health supplements market, which could be hitting around $16 billion by 2030. Not too shabby, huh?

The real origin story? Maria and Patrick, cooped up together during the pandemic, got the entrepreneurial itch. Patrick spilled the beans to TechCrunch: the duo jumped in, funded it themselves, and hoped for the best. And guess what? People ate it up. Literally. In just two years, they’ve pulled in over 100,000 customers and raked in sales nearing $10 million.

So, what makes these bars special? They’re packed with brain-boosting goodies: Lion’s Mane, Ashwagandha, collagen, and some crucial vitamins. And, for the flavor-lovers out there, think Cookie Dough Crunch and Blueberry Almond Crunch.

Patrick’s take? The growth’s been unreal. From a dream to a thriving venture with several employees and even selling out (twice!). Now, here’s the game plan: use this fresh $3 million to dive deep into retail. They’re gearing up to grace the shelves of over 1,800 stores next year. And if you’re hungry for more? MOSH’s got some new products cooking. Stay tuned!

Now, here’s a twist. MOSH wasn’t exactly hunting for this Series A money. Patrick, no stranger to the startup world, knows a thing or two about investments, having backed names like Liquid I.V. and Super Coffee. MOSH was doing just fine. But when you’re handed an opportunity to grow at warp speed? Sometimes, you just gotta grab it.

In Patrick’s words: they’re prepping for the big league of retail. This cash influx? Just the jet fuel they needed.

Bottom Line: Entrepreneurs, watch MOSH. It’s a masterclass in seizing opportunities, innovating, and scaling. And remember, the best businesses often start with a simple idea and a dash of passion.

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